Joseph Smith American Prophet (2017)

Sixteen million people the world over esteem Joseph Smith as a prophet of God and millions more know his name and the religion he founded in the year 1830—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Mormons. US News and World Report has postulated that if current trends continue, there could be 265 million members of the faith worldwide by the year 2080. Yet Joseph Smith, this frontier prophet of the early 1800s, found little honor while alive and at the age of 39 was murdered by a mob that included some of his would-be followers.

Narrated before his passing by Academy Award-winning actor Gregory Peck, and remastered with all-new dramatic re-creations and scholarly and religious commentary from experts outside of the faith as well as current religious leaders from inside the faith, Joseph Smith: American Prophet, examines what it was about his remarkable life story that has inspired such impassioned rancor on one side and unflinching reverence on the other.

The film’s dramatizations are based on Joseph Smith’s accounts and those of his followers. It depicts his life as Mormons believe it happened, with context and analysis of their significance. His founding religious activities are chronicled across New York, Ohio, Missouri and Illinois, along with their polarizing impact and controversial claims and doctrines, from the Book of Mormon to polygamy. Join WETA and public television stations for a fascinating look at this oft-misunderstood legend—Joseph Smith, an American prophet.

Handel's Messiah (2014)

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Handel's MESSIAH is a 90-minute special for BYU TV by filmmaker Lee Groberg, Groberg Films and executive producers, Derek Marquis and Scott Swofford. Narrated by Jane Seymour.

First Freedom: The Fight for Religious Liberty (2012)